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Lake Logan

Pontoons, Paddleboats, Kayaks, Canoes, and more!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not required, but are strongly recommended.  


If you don't have a reservation then it is first come first served.


Is there a charge to make a reservation?

Absolutely not.


We don't think it's fair to charge extra to make a reservation.  


To make a reservation we just ask that you pre-pay in full for your boat.  


Can I bring my dog along?

Well behaved dogs are always welcome at Lake Logan Marina.


The parks do require all pets to be on a leash at all times and a lifejacket for your furry friend is a good idea.  


Lifejackets for Fido are available at your local pet store or at

Remember dogs are only allowed on the pontoons, and each pet does count as a passenger as far as the capacity of the boat.  


So if you have two adults, a child, and two dogs that makes a total of 5 and your family will need a 20ft boat that holds 8 instead of a 16ft boat that holds 4.


Also, please be aware that if your pet tends to shed you may want to bring along supplies to clean the pontoon - to avoid the $30.00 cleaning surcharge that is applied to boats returned dirty or furry.


Also, please don't forget to bring along a water dish and cold water for Fido.


Ice cubes in the water are great!  


Remember, your dog can't take off his fur coat and needs to be able to cool off in the hot sun.


I have 4 adults and a baby can we use a 16ft pontoon?

The 16ft pontoon has a limit of four passengers.  


Your family of five will need one of the 20ft pontoons.  


The watercraft capacity limits are for your safety and will not be overlooked.


Can we bring our own lifejackets?



They must have a stamp of US Coast Guard approval for inland watercraft, must be in excellent condition, and sized properly for the person wearing it.  


Our marina personnel must inspect the lifejacket before your voyage, and if needed we have plenty of lifejackets you can use with your rental at no charge.


Do I have to wear the lifejacket on the boat?  

Children under 10 years old must have their lifejacket on at all times according to state law.  


Adults are just required to have them in the boat.  


Of course we supply lifejackets for all sizes and ages free of charge.


I have never driven a pontoon, can you teach me to drive?

That's ok, we can help.  


Our marina personnel will teach you how our pontoons work and you will find that after 10 to 15 minutes you will feel like an old pro.


How much is the fuel charge?

Fuel is included in the price of the rental.  


Our pontoons have a full tank of fuel every morning, which is enough to run for 24 hours straight.  


More than you could even use in a day's time, all at no extra charge.


Do you sell bait so we can fish off the boat?

We have a wide selection of live bait including night crawlers, Nitro-worms, wax worms, chicken liver, minnows, goldfish, Live Crawdads, and more.


How old do I need to be to rent a boat?

The person renting must be at least 18 years old with a credit card and valid photo ID.


What do I need to bring?

Bring your photo ID, a credit card, and whatever you would like to have on the boat.  


Most folks bring fishing gear, a cooler for drinks, lunch, sunscreen, and whatever else you may need to have a great time on the water.


Is alcohol allowed?

No alcohol is allowed on any of our watercraft, whether you are the captain or a passenger.


Anyone thought to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug, legal or illegal, will not be allowed on the boats.  


We want you to have a safe and sober trip, so save the drinks until you are off the water.


Can we swim off the pontoon?

There are designated pontoon swimming areas on Lake Logan!  


It is legal to, at your own risk, pull up into these areas, drop anchor (anchor provided of course), and leap right off the boat.  


As a safety measure, ladders are already installed on each of the pontoons.


Can we pull a tube or water-skier?

Sorry on Lake Logan tubing and skiing are prohibited by state law.


Do the pontoons have a roof?

All our pontoons have folding bimini tops that provide shade and can fold up out of the way for fishing or sunbathing.


What about weather, what if it rains?

Mother Nature can be ... challenging.  


If the weather is bad and it is unsafe to go out on the water we will be happy to move your reservation to another day.  


Keep in mind that light rain is still safe to boat in, but if there is heavy rain, strong winds, or lightning we will not let anyone out on the water due to safety concerns.


What is your refund policy?

All reservations are non-refundable - even for bad weather.  


Reservations can be moved only once to a later time, or another day, into an open time slot if it is unsafe for you to go out on the Lake.